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Amen I say to you: whatever you did for one of the last of my brethren, you did for me. Matthew 25:40

Learning Center and Recreation Center

Our Learning Center is a beautifully renovated upper floor of a house above our church office. It consists of three rooms, a large living room/dining room area, a kitchen and two bathrooms. 

Our Recreation Center consists of our gymnasium, the stage and kitchen within the gym, school cafeteria, church conference room and church choir loft, all located upstairs from the gym. 

These two facilities give us a unique ability to serve the entire family att he same time (e.g. parents/caregivers can be in the Learning Center while their children are participating in programs offered in the Recreation Center and vice versa.)

Our social outreach ministries are an important art of our parish spirituality and presence in the Community. Our family resource center can support our community and neighborhood in various ways to both children and their caregivers, including: tutoring,  mentoring, college information, college and career visits, counseling, support groups, parenting classes, spiritual development, 12-step programs, help for parents and guardians finding good schools and supporting them in being involved in their children's education. In our gym we offer health, exercise, sports and arts programming thus serving adults and children at the same time, keeping our families together. The services of the FRANCIS Center are both based on the need and expertise within our church community as well as the greater community in which our Church is located.

Issues and/or problems addressed by our program

Wide ranges of issues occur in our immediate church community (e.g. deportation, violence, youth drifting away from families/church and youth struggling to get through school). As these occur, we can feel helpless as a church...

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