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​Catholic Church

One Sunday I decided to come with my daughter to the 10:45 Mass. During those early periods I remember one day just standing there – it happened to be during the exchange of the Kiss of Peace. I could really remember looking at the Congregation in the middle of the aisles just greeting each other, and gesturing, catching up, and it left me with a feeling of “Wow, this must be what heaven looks like” and ever since I’ve been coming and it’s wonderful to experience that at every Mass.  Keiru U.

I loved the spirit and the joy and the warmth of the church. I’ve never been in a Catholic church where people walk around the church hugging and telling each other “I love you”. I thought it was a wonderful experience and have been coming back for more ever since. I am not a Catholic. In fact, I was an atheist before I came to this church. I always loved Jesus. This is a marvelous church and I’ve brought friends here of many different religions.  Nan P.

I have been at Shipwreck for 16 years. I came to Shipwreck because Fr. John Heinz invited me to come here after All Hallows Church closed. I love the way our pastors are at Shipwreck – they are so good. One of my favorites memories was to be present at the ordination of Father Paul to the priesthood. I would invite more people to come here because I feel very comfortable and because our community is so kind.”  Socorro A.

I have been coming to Shipwreck for 20 years. My favorite memories are always the spiritual reactions of the congregation such as clapping, shouting, crying, and “catching the Holy Ghost”, and when a soloist performs a song with all their heart and soul. I would encourage someone to come to Mass at Shipwreck because the experience is very spiritual.  Grant S.

We have been members of St. Paul of the Shipwreck for 7 years. The hospitality led us here and we like this very active Community. Our favorite memory is our religious Wedding with the whole community in Mass. We would encourage someone to try Shipwreck because they would feel like being in a family. The Lopez Family

It is like a family to me and what better way to start the day with God. He’s the one and this sets the whole day to start with Him and to start with this Mass. Alicia R.

We have been attending St. Paul of the Shipwreck for 9 years. We were led to Shipwreck because we saw a small community and feel the call to come and serve here. A favorite memory for us is sharing and diversity of cultures in our community. We would encourage someone to come to Shipwreck so they can grow more spiritually and promote the Christian faith.  The Escobar Family

I first started coming for the priest, but kept coming for the connections. Marie W.

My parents were married at St. Paul of the Shipwreck. I have attended the church for over 70 years. One of my fond memories is when the Maltese nuns were teaching at Shipwreck. I didn’t go to the school but it made a nice connection between Malta, the parents and the school. Our Catholic school contributed a lot to the parish. All the former pastors added something to keep the parish alive and moving. I would invite someone to Shipwreck because each Mass contributes a different cultural and worship environment to each parishioner. Barbara F.

I think the most exciting thing for me as far as deciding to join St. Paul of the Shipwreck was attending Mass and it was at the time of Father Jim Goode. One particular Sunday he opened the doors of the church so he invited people forward to officially join the church, we did, and it was great.  Sandra V.

Behind the humble church facade at 3rd Street & Jamestown, just off the 101 near Candlestick Park, exists an oasis in the midst of an ever-changing community. First you will notice strong racial and ethnic diversity among parishioners. Then it becomes apparent that they have the ability to transcend their differences to form one loving, cohesive, supportive Church Family. It is truly amazing and inspiring!  From the warm welcome as you enter.. to an inspiring procession... to the magnificent voices of the Gospel Choir... to impassioned readers... and truly empowering homilies... St. Paul of the Shipwreck embodies the best of African, Hispanic and Traditional Catholic liturgies!  Kathleen

After leaving the Catholic Church and bouncing around in the Pentecostal churches I have finally found a truly wonderful church home! The priest, Father Paul, is a fantastic minister who over the 10 years of knowing him continues to amaze me with his ministry.  John 

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