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​Catholic Church

Hispanic Council

under new formation

Parish Council

The Parish Council is a body of committed, registered parish members with the goal of using God given perspectives, skills, and talents to consult and make recommendations that assist the pastor in carrying out the mission of the Church. Understanding our history and the inherent value of promoting the Gospel, guided by the Holy Spirit, the council strives to:

  • Carry out the parish vision by facilitating and fostering spiritual life and enhancement, faith formation, community service, and evangelization;
  • Act as stewards in discerning vision in accordance and alignment with God’s will; and, by study and reflection of pertinent issues, support the parish to meet our Mission and Vision goals; and,
  • Fulfill its mission by fostering spiritual life and growth, faith formation, community service, and cultural and social activities that enhance the integration of all members by embodying and presenting a welcoming presence.

The completion of these responsibilities may be recognized and realized by the growth and participation of parishioners as well as the increase in positive perception by and interaction with visitors, local churches, and neighbors. 

under new formation

​Members: Guillermo Reece (Chair), Keiru Ugo, Kathy O'Brien, Alicia Marshall, Yessica Joya, Dinia Wright, Michael Vezzali, Yolande Haskin,  Monica Ramil

Finance Council

The Finance Council provides assistance and support to the Pastor in the financial matters of the Parish. The Finance Council solicits information yearly by making budget decisions, analyzes, and approves all fund-raising activities of the various committees.

Members: Debra Greenblat (Chair), Andrew Arceo, Barbara Fenech, Alicia V. Roca, Timothy Alan Simon, Esq., Mattie Scott, Brian Stewart, Grant Stewart

Ministers of Christian Service

The Ministers of Christian Service group is a program certified by the Archdiocese of San Francisco which enables lay people to take up leadership roles in service to the Church.  

Members: June Donley (Chair), Thelma Bible, Vera Brown, Conrad Bulos, Myrna Bulos, Loretta Chatmon,
Deacon Larry Chatmon, Marion Jones, Francis Sullivan, Sandra Valentine, Al Valmore, Alonzo Williams