Catholic Church

Our Facilities

We are blessed with a large and vital facility that has served the Bayview Hunters Point Community for many years.

For nearly 50 years our Catholic grade school served our community but closed in 2003. Since that time, our School Facility and Gymnasium have hosted programs that serve all members of our community. Over 220 boys and girls in grades 5 through 8 receive a quality college preparation education from the charter school KIPP Bayview Academy. Maintenance of our large and aging facilities requires money beyond that which our small congregation can afford. Our facilities have been maintained over the life of our Church only by the generous donations of both labor and money, from many corporations, foundations, and individuals outside of our Church congregation who have recognized the important role our facility serves in the Bayview Community. Please consider being part of this tradition by helping us maintain our physical plant that is used to serve our church and our community.

The cost to maintain our facilities can be spread out over many years, but surely additional large and unforeseeable costs arise. We are very much in need of support for this humble, yet essential, ministry of care to our physical plant.

Some of the Items on Our Wish List

Handicap Ramp for the Church Entrance

Handicap Ramp for the Gym Entrance

Stained Glass Window Repair